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New York City Department of Sanitation


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Snow Removal for NYC Sanitation

The New York City Department of Sanitation sometimes needs to hire firms on an hourly basis to assist in the removal of snow and ice from city thoroughfares during periods of severe weather after a snow removal procurement emergency has been declared by the Department. Your licensed equipment and operators will supplement departmental workers and equipment and those of our snow removal requirements contractors in keeping vital arteries open for vehicular traffic, including all emergency and sanitation services.

In the event that emergency contractors are needed, those on the Department's Priority List will be called in first. To be placed on the Priority List, your firm will have to submit certain forms and proof of insurance, undergo a review process and execute the form of contract that will become effective when you accept an emergency assignment. For more information, contact the Bureau Contracting Office at

You can call for an appointment to pick up the new Snow Removal Emergency Hired Equipment Contract booklet effective during the 2018-2019 winter season, which includes the necessary documentation to apply for Priority Contractor status. The booklet will explain the scope of work, the terms and conditions and the minimum specifications for each type of covered equipment. Contractors that have performed emergency snow removal services in the past should review the new contract booklet carefully, as it has been substantially revised.


Bureau Operations Office

125 Worth Street, Room 823

New York, New York 10013

Types of Equipment with Operators that may be needed during snow emergencies:

Backhoes                 Pick Up Trucks with Plows          Skid Steers

Dump Trucks           Roll on Roll Offs                           Snow Melters

Excavators                                                                    Towing Vechicles

Front End Loaders                                                        Tractor Trailers

CONTRACT PIN #: 82717CC0025

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